Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Competition Within

As a college student, at the tender age of 19, I was on the fast track to success. I had graduated high school a semester early with honors, and began college immediately, with the intent to continue my streak, I suppose.  Suddenly, I fell ill. Not sick enough that I couldn't go to school, but sick enough that I knew something wasn't right. After a battery of tests, and consultations, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and several severe food allergies.

It seemed that no matter what I ate, it made me sick in one form or another. For example, bananas. I'm actually NOT allergic to them, but the natural sugar content is too much for me, as a hypoglycemic, to tolerate on an empty stomach. It seemed as though there was a competition within my body, amongst the hundreds of important and controlling components, the winner being the most fickle of all, commanding the most severe illness.

I received an immense amount of paperwork detailing exactly what I could NOT eat. I took it all in, I was at peace with this information because it gave me answers. I was willing to do whatever it took to feel better and get on with life, which soon became a challenge in itself. It seemed that no matter what I ate, it made me sick in one form or another.

With no one else to turn to, I consulted a practitioner that soon became a staple in my life, a holistic nutritionist. At the time, I was merely thankful for her wise insight, and determination to find things I could eat and enjoy.

In hindsight however, I am thankful for many of the other divine influences surrounding this particular relationship. Being young, I was impressionable, which was a great time for me to learn from an experienced, educated, Godly professional, how to properly fuel my body, and appreciate it for all it's worth.

In addition, this diagnosis and preparation's well planned timing by the powers that be became even more evident just two short years later, when, as a recent college grad and newlywed, I discovered that we had managed to create a human being, and that my new diet was even more important because I was now responsible for the wellness of two individuals.

A mere 27 months later, it became apparent that our amazingly perfect miniature human had her own internal battle. Sadly, her illness was much more complex and difficult to diagnose. Three years later, when our second and third daughters began having similar issues, we were informed of celiac disease. A week later, we got answers. Clear cut, black and white answers. All three of our children have celiac disease, and food allergies.

Fast forward thirteen years to 2010.  My literal battle with food shaped my lifestyle, my choices, and my interests. Through a more recent personal tragedy, I learned who I am, what I am capable of, and what I am passionate about. Food Prude was born.

It is my goal to take this internal competition to a new level, one where I'm in control. I want to use this accumulated knowledge to have a positive influence on others. I am going to challenge myself to write 31 posts by the 31st of August.  It is noon on August 10. I will need to write an average of 1.5 100 word posts per day.  Think I can do it?


  1. You can do it!! You are so encouraging Cassidy!

  2. Cassidy ~

    Illnesses and allergies aside, you have the constitution of a horse! (as a British neighbor of mine used to say).

    You have written this post with resounding determination and passion.

    I have every ounce of faith and confidence that you will reign over this challenge like a mother whose protective instincts stand guard over the well being of her children.

    Write On!


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