Friday, December 31, 2010

Don't Do It

It's New Year's Eve and everyone is ready with their champagne and lists of things they want to change, accomplish or work toward next year. It's exciting thinking about all the great things that the new year will bring. It's a fresh start. Another chance to make things great instead of so-so.

Let's talk about your list. Is it a detailed outline of specific goals, i.e. 'loose 20 lbs.', 'get a promotion', 'pay off your credit card'? Or is it more vague and open ended, like 'spend more time with the kids', 'eat healthier', 'do some soul searching'?  Either way you're setting yourself up for failure, and you know it.

I don't want to take the wind out of your sails, but don't do it. I'm not being pessimistic, we all know I am a Freakin' Eureakan by nature. But the fact is, most people are not actually able to accomplish the resolutions they undertake, putting themselves into a 'victim of circumstance' position, which is nothing less than depressing.

So I'm telling you to stop making lists of things to change. That's going to be your 'newness' for each year. That's what you are going to do for 2011. You are going to NOT make a list of things to change about yourself, your life, your situation.

Instead, make this commitment: Live in a way that doesn't make you want to change a thing. Complex, I know. But try it. For 2011 live in a way that won't make you want to change something for 2012. Still worried about that 20 lbs.? Live in a way that doesn't make that an issue for 2012. Change the way you LIVE and all those things fall into place.

If you were to consciously make the choice to love the way you live everyday - every hour - you would be content. Contentment leads to joy. Joy eases the discomfort of discipline which, in turn, leads to an instinctive ability to make good decisions that nourish the joy.

Stop being a victim of circumstance and choose to change. You say you want to lose 20 lbs? Choose salmon instead of a burger every now and then. It won't kill you - it's just a choice. You want to spend more time with the kids? Turn off the TV. The computer. The phone. Play tag, ride bikes, dance. Want to pay off the credit card? Take it out of your wallet. Make the choice to take control of the situation. Want to eat healthier? Don't buy junk. It's a decision you make every time you go to the store. Not just on New Year's.

After changing the way you choose to live, there's a good chance you'll actually accomplish all those unresolved goals. Playing with the kids more and paring down the grocery bill by cutting out the junk will make you loose 20 lbs. AND charge less on the credit card. Who knows, enjoying life might even land you that promotion. Happy employees are more productive after all......

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