Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fast Food for the Prude

I know what you're sounds contradictory, but quick healthy food doesn't have to be an oxymoron.

As a very busy, working, homeschooling, blogging, soccer mom of 3, I have come up with a few snacks and meals on the go. Regardless of what you do, or where you're at, sometimes you have to find something convenient, and quick, to eat, and that doesn't mean giving up prudence.

Below I will list few of my favorite at and around home quick, gluten free, and otherwise healthy snack and meal ideas. Please visit Food Prude Faves on my blog to view specific brand and purchasing information through Amazon, doing so helps support the person putting the time into these blogs.

Please Note: All of the below are suitable for children and adults alike, ages 3 and up:
  • My children call my Sequoia, 'The Rolling Pantry', and rightfully so, because I always keep an emergency stash of raw almonds and gluten free pretzels in my center console, for when hunger strikes unexpectedly.
  • I keep 3 key staples in my garage fridge at all times for those 'running out the door, really should take snacks' moments. 

    1. Bottled Water
    2. Greens to Go, or Acai Energy 
    3. String Mozzarella Cheese, and/or TillaMoo Colby Jack Cheese Squares
    4. BECAUSE: A bottle of water + Greens to Go or Acai mixed in, + Almonds + a stick of String Mozzarella Cheese = a well rounded and quick snack.
  • 2-3 slices of Deli meat (Hormel Natural Choice Rotisserie Style Chicken Breast, and Applegate Farms Organic Chicken & Turkey are my favorites) + an apple dipped in Almond butter or Nutella Hazelut spread.
Keep in mind that all snacks and meals should be well rounded (lean protein + carb + good fat), to maintain blood sugar levels, steady metabolism, and to ensure maximum nutrition.

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  1. Love it..these are great ideas. Although I'm chuckling..because I just posted a lil pet peeve post about the fact that I let my kids eat fries and drink sprite...LOL....
    A majority of the time..these type of things are our preference I am enjoying your recipes and information on this blog.


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