Saturday, May 8, 2010

American Honey

Wish you had a vaccine for allergies? You do.  In addition to being a beautiful song by Lady Antebellum, American Honey is Mother Nature's vaccine for allergy sufferers.


"At least one informal (unfunded) study on allergies and honey conducted by students at Xavier University in New Orleans produced positive results. Researchers divided participants into three groups: seasonal allergy sufferers, year-round allergy sufferers and non-allergy sufferers. These groups were further divided into three subgroups with some people taking two teaspoons of local honey per day, others taking the same amount of non-local honey each day and the final subgroup not taking honey at all. The Xavier students found that after six weeks, allergy sufferers from both categories suffered fewer symptoms and that the group taking local honey reported the most improvement" [source: Cochran].

The study was never published, but the anecdotal evidence in favor of honey as an allergy reliever continues: Several of the study participants asked if they could keep the remaining honey after the experiment was concluded.

The honey making process involves pollens and allergens that commonly make humans sick with itchy watery eyes, and sneezy runny noses when allergy season strikes, typically spring through fall when flowers and grasses are in bloom the wind picks up and blows everything around.  By taking honey, before and during allergy season, you expose your body to the 'enemy' in small doses and form antibodies to those allergens. When allergens come at you full throttle, you already have the antibodies necessary to handle them. Honey that is collected and bottled closest to where you live is best, so you are being exposed to the allergens through honey that you will also get out in nature. Look for LOCAL honey at your grocer. I use North Dallas Honey Co.

I say it's worth a try. If you can't take honey straight, try mixing it with plain or vanilla yogurt, or cottage cheese. REMEMBER: 2 tsp. local honey everyday to help fight allergies.


  1. I have terrible allergies! I'll be back tomorrow to read everything here. :)

  2. That is very interesting. I have been substituting honey for sugar in a lot of recipes and this added benefit would be fantastic as I suffer from many allergies!


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